Editorial for Diesel

Editorial for Diesel
Photography: Bart Pajak
Models: Emma Louise Connolly, Oliver Proudlock

The whole story available here.

Shaun Gordon Tie Maker Collection for 2016/17

Once again, this year I had a pleasure of working with Shaun Gordon - the tie maker. 
His latest collection is inspired by the dark horse, the person who keeps their plans to him or herself and often surprises everyone with his/her skill or ability. You can find more details about it on his website. 

Photography: Bart Pajak
Model: Kevin
Mua: Martyna Parzniewska
Styling: Joseph Crone
Ties Designed: Shaun Gordon


 “Money’s the cheapest thing. Liberty and freedom is the most expensive.”

Bill Cunningham (13.03.1929 - 25.06.2016)


Every season I have a pleasure of visiting some of the fashion shows at the London Collections: Men. This season mostly down to rain I only went out for a day. 
Here are some street shots:

Seamless Podcast interview

Few days ago I had a pleasure to be interviewed by Patrick from Seamless for their podcast. Seamless not only provides inspiration content for photographers but also makes softboxes, octas and other light modifiers. Make sure to check out their shop.

You can listen to the interview on their page. Check out the other podcasts they did as well for more business and gear advice. 



Arcane Campaign

I have a back log of projects from the last few months... Here is the first one: 

Arcane Gallery
Photographer: Bart Pajak
Models: Akvile Vilniute, Hannah Hardy
Stylist: Alisa Shedi
Make-up: Alexa Riva Ravina
Photo assistant: Cameron Bensley

Personal project - hands

Hands can describe more than words. 

iPhone works...


Here is a portrait of my grandpa I took last week while I was on a short break in Poland. He always gets really aware of cameras so I decided to try to take it with my iPhone. In the same time I am hoping to work out what are the best settings for iPhone. If I should use HDR mode or not. Seems that none HDR are sharper and have more details through out while HDR has more details in shadows and highlights (obviously) through out the shot. 
I used the VSCO for grading, vignette and sharpening.


Grandpa Pajak


For the love of cars

Few weeks ago... It seems that most of my blog posts start with the same sentence. But this is how it works. First you shoot, then you wait for approval and the release by the time you can actually show the photos is like two months later and you barely remember you shot it....

It is an interesting proces as by time you can put the pictures up there are few things you would like to change in the pictures: light, selection, poses... But the end of the day this mean you improve... develop.  

Going back to original subject... We had a pleasure working with two great presenters Ant Anstead and Philip Glenister from the TV series "For the love of cars" 

We spent a half day shooting on location which was a rented car park and in an alley behind the car park photographing them with the best looking vintage Fiat 500. 

And here are the images from the shoot;  


Farewell old website, long live to the new one!

Well, it's been a while since I upgraded my website and maybe some of you may think it did not need to be done - I got bored with it. Portfolio websites are always the worst. While your portfolio changes and turning into even slightly different direction, your website may need to change too. That's why I decided it was time for upgrade. The other thing that pushed me to change the website was the I felt that there were too many categories. Beauty, fashion, portraiture, other... it was just too much. This time there is one website. One page with portfolio. Lots of shots but in the way if you are interested you will spend more time flicking through the shots. Lets try it. 

Welcome to Squarespace. It was quite a natural move for me. I did need more control over the content and actually more pleasing design of the blog. Last one was a bit heartfelt for the eye. 

Im still doing tests and such so if you find something really annoying - please let me know. 

All the best